Nadia Kaburneeva

Fine Art Expert on 19th century Western European painting certified by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation


Art collectors need to seek help from professionals who can tell them about various trends in art and point them in the right direction.

Collecting works of art has been a tradition over the entire history of mankind. Royal families, rich houses in Europe, the bourgeoisie, entrepreneurs and businessmen of today consider building up collections an effective way of both investing their money and satisfying their tastes and partly their vanity and passion.

In order to accumulate works of art some collectors will still look for them by themselves, but the amateur might face the risk of getting a fake as there are a large number of them on the art market, especially in so far as 19th century art is concerned.

That is the reason why most amateurs may need to seek help from professionals who can tell them about various trends in art as well as point them in the right direction and offer works of art they would like to acquire.

Today, 19th century European art not only attracts antique dealers but has also become the subject of most extensive research and museum exhibitions.

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Independent Authentication

Authentication is research-based. The approach addresses:

  • Photo-fixation at a professional art laboratory that makes it possible for infinitesimally small marks, signatures, and parts of texture to be spotted
  • Formal and stylistic analysis
  • Researching the history and provenance
  • Researching bio-bibliography
  • Ultraviolet and infrared light testing in order to detect an outline sketch and find any trace of preservation
  • Comparisons with other works by the artist and chemical analysis of materials

Articles on Art


Increase the value of your collection by high quality descriptions and written perspectives.

Those who have an art collection at home would most definitely like to catalogue the objects. An art expert can provide high-quality descriptions for each of the paintings in the collection.

Import of Cultural Property


Helping you to manage artwork movement and transport.

As of October 1, 2014 for efficient resolution of issues, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation entitled a number of certified experts to independently handle the import of cultural objects at the Moscow airports of Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo.



I help to build and maintain private and corporate collections.

Working on the art market, I have the opportunity to communicate all the time with gallery owners and art dilemmas in Russia and Europe. Turning to me, you will get advice on the collection and evaluation of works of art. I can help with the search and selection of the desired object, establishing and maintaining the overall corporate and private collections.

My work

As of 2010 I work in close collaboration with “Akademiya Khudozhestv”, a major art gallery in Moscow, “Art Centre. Moscow”, a new arts and cultural space, and the Kunstberatung Zurich Research Centre as a fine art expert, author of articles and catalogues, curator and consultant at Russian and international exhibitions.

Over those years, Akademiya Khudozhestv, Art Centre. Moscow and Kunstberatung Zurich, with me being deeply involved, have taken active part in exhibitions, scholarly endeavour, and awareness campaigns working in collaboration with many museums, private individuals, and non-governmental organizations. Every time we did our best to prepare interesting thematic exhibitions and show the audience the best works of art from private collections.

Works of art are displayed on a regular basis at:

  • Russian Antique Art Exhibition;
  • the Moscow World Fine Art Fair, a major cultural event in Europe;
  • LUXURY EXPO for super rich;
  • in 2007 Akademiya Khudozhestv was a cultural development partner at the MILLIONAIRE FAIR International Forum;
  • in January-February 2014, the Akademiya Khudozhestv Gallery, together with the Kunstberatung Zurich Research Centre, took part in the Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair (BRAFA);
  • in June 2014 – in POINT ART MONACO under the high patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco;
  • January 24 to February 1 2015 – in the Brussels Antiques and Fine Art Fair.

With the assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, there were diverse cultural projects set up in various Russian and European cities.

About me

The Independent Expert on Painting


2012–2015 PhD Candidate

Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (MSUCA – MGUKI)

the Faculty of Philosophy

2008–2010 Master professional

Université de Versailles (UVSQ)

the Department of Sciences, Arts, Culture, Innovations, Multimédia

2007–2008 Arts Plastiques et Science de l’Art

Aix-Marseille Université

the Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences the Department of Arts

2003-2007 BA in the Fine Arts

Lomonosov Moscow State University

the Department of Semiotics and and Art History


2010 — Present

Fine Art Expert on Painting

gallery ACADEMY OF ARTS, Kunstberatung Zürich AG, ART CENTER. MOSCOW

  • Providing appraisal services
  • Valuation of works of art
  • Providing advisory services
  • Writing articles for art catalogues
  • Curator of exhibitions

2014 – Present

independent expert

certified by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation to provide appraisals of works of artistic value, Order № 341 as of 26 February 2014. Speciality: fine art expert on 19th century Western European painting


“Philosophical and Aesthetic Aspects of Creating an Exposition Ensemble Encompassing Various Forms of Art”

Education and Society, № 1 (84). Orel, January–February, 2014. P. 109–112.

“Aesthetic Aspects of Professional and Amateur Art”

Vestnik MGUKI (the Journal of MSUCA), № 6. Moscow, 2013. P. 88–94.

“The Ensemble as a Semantic and Semiotic System: Concepts and a Theoretical and Methodological Foundation of the Research”

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